Facilitating Functional Communication in the School Setting


Functional communication skills are essential for learning.  These skills enable the communicator to express wants and needs, participate in activities, refuse appropriately, and establish relationships.  Many students with special needs have difficulty developing these skills, which often leads to using behavioral means to communicate. In this course, the 9 Critical Communication Skills for students with special needs will be identified. Effective teaching strategies to promote these skills will be reviewed and the use of visual supports will be discussed. At the conclusion of this course, participants will have an understanding of functional communication and strategies to promote effective communication within their classrooms for improved student learning.

This course is applicable to all special educators, guidance counselors/social workers/psychologists, administrators, and any related service providers of all subjects, grades K-12.

45 hours / 3 credits in-service and graduate credits.


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Alessandra Barragato


(3 Credits / 45 hours) In-service Credits or Grad Credits



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