Distractions and Disruptions: Effective Classroom Management


When their books are out, their smiles are wide, and their minds are open, all is well in the world of the classroom. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. Even in a class of “good” students, there may exist that one, two, or small handful of pupils who try your patience and leave you exhausted and drained. These students can disrupt even the most well-planned lesson and can infect the experience for those who are interested and engaged. How do we handle such students? Teachers enrolled in this course will explore proven pedagogical strategies for effectively dealing with disruptive, disengaged, and/or disrespectful students. This course is applicable to all educators, guidance counselors/social workers/psychologists, administrators, and any related service providers of all subjects, grades K-12.

45 hours / 3 credits inservice and graduate credits.

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Lee Markowitz


(3 Credits / 45 hours)



Type of Credit

Inservice Credits and Graduate Credits

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